Spray Tanning

Norvell is the most trusted for providing customers with a natural-looking tan. Our products are formulated with top-rated, natural ingredients—starting with the best DHA—to create just-off-the-beach-color.

Spray Tanning Le Reve Salon North Liberty Iowa

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Norvell spray tan solutions are expertly designed to counter the unwanted orange undertone commonly associated with sunless tanning.

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Before your Spray Tan


Shave at least 12 Hours before your tan session, not immediately before.

Avoid Products

Do not apply any products to your skin. This includes deodorant, lotion, perfumes, and makeup.


Exfoliate before, start at the top of your body, working your way down.


Do not wear tight clothing, light colored clothing, hats, or jewelry.

After your Spray Tan


Wait 8-12 hours for your color to develop before showering. For best results wait the full 12 hours.

Avoid Soaps

Do NOT use soaps, exfoliants, shower gels, or shampoos during the initial rinse, avoid hot water. Wait 24 hours to wash your hair.

Pat Dry

After your first shower, pat dry with your towel, do not rub. You can now apply deodorant, lotions, and perfumes.


Moisturize your skin regularly to maintain your spray tan