Master Stylist

Britta Gravelin

Britta has always had a passion for the beauty industry. Her mom was also a cosmetologist so she grew up in the salon. You could say it is in her blood. Britta graduated from Capri College in Cedar Rapids in 2010. She has been in love with Aveda ever since she walked into an Aveda salon when she was in high school. She knew that was the company she had to work with out of school. She has been with Aveda for 6 years now, 3 of which have been here at Le reve. In 2012, Britta continued her education with Aveda and became a Certified Color Educator. She loves passing on her knowledge and love for Aveda’s color lines with others. She is also part of Aveda’s Style Squad, helping to bring quick new tips and tricks to stylist and guests in our chairs while using our Star products to create the looks you leave the salon with. Britta has had the opportunity to do hair on a short film done by a film student from the University of Iowa that was shot here in Iowa City. Her next goal is to go and do hair at Fashion Week in New York. So stay tuned!

Why Aveda?
I love Aveda for so many different reasons, from the education they provide for us, to our products, to our mission. There is no other company in the industry that gives education opportunintes like Aveda does to its stylist. There also is no other company that gives back to the world and cares for our world like we do!   I <3 Aveda!

Why the Beauty Industry?
As it says in my bio, I grew up in the salon. I remember as a little girl getting to go to the hair shows with my mom and the energy and passion you felt and saw at them were inspiring. I also love being a “day maker”. You remember why you love what you do when your guest leaves with a bigger smile on their face than when they came in. Their confidence is greater and moods can change completely and it is because of what you gave them. I do believe that beauty is on the inside but sometimes it takes being happy with what is on the outside to let the beauty within shine through!

What is one product you cant live without?
Avedas NEW Texture Tonic!!!